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Over 2000 years ago, a Chinese aristocratic poet reluctant to drift with the ideology of the time, took his life in pursuit of Utopia in Miluo River on May 5. This day later became Dragon Boat Festival or Poet Festival in his honor. In the shape of a zongzi with a triangular base and a rounded tip, the tea set’s colors deliver different stages of zongzi wrapping bamboo leaves: freshly picked from the tree, before and after being cooked. The cup surface is lightly embossed with stripes to mimic leaf veins.

In Taiwan, it is auspicious for a student to eat zongzi before taking exams for this ritual is phonetically synonymous to acing exams. The cup’s double-wall feature with triangular based outer layer and circular based inner layer symbolize a solid façade with a robust content to well wish one a stable and successful career.

|Thoughtful Feature|

1. The bright glazes are lead free and cadmium free, fired at 1250°C, and meet SGS food containers standards.
2. Two wings extend from opposite ends of the teapot lid. Insert the big one towards the teapot handle to secure the lid in place.
3. The double-layered stainless steel strainer prevents the smallest bits of tea leaves from escaping.
4. Double wall cups keep your drinks warm and hands cool.
5. The cushioning material lining the packaging is made of non-toxic, odorless, and plasticizer free cross-linked PE foam. The box is assembled without adhesive and meets SGS and FDA standards.

Product specifications
1 teapot and 2 cup
high quality boxed gift set:345x250x150(mm)
Teapot:175x128x135(mm) Weight:625g/Capacity:698ml
High cup: 94x94x88(mm) Weight: 345g/Capacity: 164ml
Short cup: 91x91x72(mm) Weight: 240g/Capacity: 106ml
Selling Price
$ 106.84
Payment method
VISA/MSC/JCB、Fully offset
Shipping method
貨運宅配、 International distribution
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